Our story

Cleaning, working, raising children, looking in the mirror, dyeing your hair, shopping for groceries; life isn’t easy for women of a ‘certain age’. That was our exact reason for starting Publishing House Snor in the year 2006. The main idea was to push people into a more cheerful direction by giving them our beautiful, funny and sunny books to read. The fact that you have to clean, work, raise your children and rub your wrinkles with expensive creams doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun whilst doing so.


We named our Publishing House ‘Snor’ because in Dutch we have a proverb that says if something is ‘Snor’ (moustache) it must be alright. Besides that, a book lying open on a table has the silhouette of a moustache. And those are the kind of books we make, great books that lie open on a table.

Our first book ‘Sewing etc’ is a book in which we wanted to show people that knitting and sewing isn’t that difficult as long as you don’t make it too hard for yourself. And be damned, it worked! Being on TV and on the radio and receiving attention from all national newspapers, we sold over 7000 copies of ‘Sewing etc’ just like that.

No beginners luck

Luckily we did not just have beginners luck. Also the titles ‘How To Impress Your Kids’, ‘Daughters!’, ‘Sons!’ and the ‘Soup Calendar’ are infallible bestsellers. We exchanged our buggy for a delivery bicycle to deliver books, moved to a small attic in the middle of Utrecht, hired interns, won several awards: a Prize for the Soup Calendar from the Dutch booksellers, several Gourmand Cookbook Awards for the Netherlands for the Soup Calendar, the Lunchbox Book, Home Grown, Party Food calendar. We hired a representative and got our first Actual Employer. And so now we became real important CEO’s.

Snor for president!

But this is not where it ends! The Netherlands and Belgium are only little spots on our globe. The rest of the world also has the right to become happy by and with our books. That is why we present you with our following goal: World Domination. Starting with the English speaking world, everyone who has access to the internet and everyone who likes to draw a moustache onto people’s faces.

Our books:

Our main goal is to make the world a more happy and colorful place and bring a moustache on your face.
Our key values and key qualities:

  • Humor
  • Design
  • Favorite present
  • Bestseller
  • Intelligence
  • Good concept
  • Originality

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Publishing House Snor
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