Krautkopfs krachtige kerstmenu

Nadat Susann en Yannic van Krautkopf in oktober bij ons op bezoek waren met heerlijke gerechten uit hun fantastische boek Krautkopf, hebben ze speciaal voor ons nu een fantastisch kerstmenu samengesteld uit het boek. Ben je nog op zoek naar een feestelijk (en ontzettend lekker) kerstmenu voor familie en vrienden? Kies dan voor dit vegetarische kerstdiner! Ben je nog niet bekend met Krautkopf? Download dan hier de bietenravioli met sinaasappel-walnootboter.

Auteurs Susann & Yannic: “The first menu combines the best winter veggies to a light and healthy but super tasty Christmas dinner.”

Regenboogsalade met sinaasappel-tahindressing
Susann & Yannic:This salad is so simple but delicious! Just put together all the winter veggies you love and refine it with the special orange tahini dressing. You can also garnish the salad with some candied and spiced nuts”

Bietenravioli met Sinaasappel-walnootboter
Susann & Yannic: “You can always impress your guests with homemade pasta. It’s a lot of work to prepare stuffed pasta for many people but it’s a kind of meditation for us and you can easily make the preparations the day before to enjoy the Christmas Eve with your family instead of standing in the kitchen for hours.”

Appeltaart met noten
Susann & Yannic: “Our apple pie is a vegan version of a classic recipe with many healthy ingredients like nuts, oatmeal, spelt wholemeal and of course with loads of sweet and sour apples. We love this dish because it’s perfect for cosy days to warm your soul.”


Schermafbeelding 2016 12 23 om 13.48.14
Bietenravioli met sinaasappel-walnootboter

Susann & Yannic: “The second suggestion is a bit more extraordinary, because we use some ingredients that are not that common in the everyday cuisine.”

Gebakken schorseneren met gemberuien
Susann & Yannic:It could be a mess to prepare black salsify, but we give a few simple tips in our recipe to make it as easy as possible. Black salsify is a totally underrated root vegetable. It not just has an intensive, aromatic and nutty taste but has also a lot of nutrients. We love to roast veggies instead of cook it, because you get a more intensive flavor. We combine the earthy taste of the black salsify with a fresh ginger sauce.”

Kastanjegnocchi met flowersprouts
Susann & Yannic: “Gnocchis are one of our favourite pasta dishes. It doesn’t matter whether they’re made of potatoes, pumpkin, beetroot, chestnut,…we always love gnocchi! It’s not as much work as you imagine. With some helping hands it’s an easy dish.”

Polentataart met pruimen
Suann & Yannic:This cake is a real surprise because the dough is made of polenta instead of flour. That gives the cake a moist and soft texture. The plums are getting soaked in a festive spiced liquid to give them a special taste.”

Schermafbeelding 2016 12 23 om 13.46.43
Polentataart met pruimen


Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!


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